Company Background

Fraud Prevention Services (Pty) Ltd is registered under the Botswana Company’s Act as a limited Liability Company. FPS (Pty) Ltd is a professional company dedicated to fighting fraud, white collar crimes and comprised of consultants from different but similar backgrounds of Risk Management, Auditing, Security, Financial Management and Project Management, sharing the same passion for Fraud Prevention and Deterrence. FPS (Pty) Ltd provides consultancy in Fraud Prevention, detection, investigation skills and knowledge as well as practical Financial Management.  FPS (Pty) Ltd advisors are Fraud prevention and deterrence specialists who have realized a need for fraud prevention, detection and deterrence in Botswana, and are implementing innovative strategies in order to reduce the risk of fraud, faced by public and private sector as well as development and faith based Organizations.

  • Fraud Prevention Services (Pty) Ltd has core organizational competencies in fraud prevention, detection and investigation, auditing, financial management, risk management and project management, fraud related internal controls, corporate governance and ethics, auditing Human Resources and Procurement processes.
  • Fraud Prevention Services (Pty) Ltd also prides itself on its knowledge management systems and research capability, which allows it to keep abreast of leading edge development and current events in fraud trends and fraud mitigation strategies.
  • Fraud Prevention Services (Pty) Ltd has significant experience in handling consultancy and training assignments with both the private and public sector organizations as well as development Organizations.

Fraud Prevention Services (Pty) Ltd fulfils its objectives through the provision of management consulting services, design and delivery of management, auditing, financial management, risk management and project management and fraud training programs as well as business research support services.

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    Training Packages

      Fraud Prevention and Deterrence
      Forensic Accounting
      Fraud Auditing
      Corruption and Conflict of Interest
      Risk Management

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    Our training gives you the ability to:

      Assess fraud risks faced by your organization
      Identify red flags and reduce fraud opportunities
      Implement strong anti-fraud internal controls
      Investigate fraud allegations ithe workplace
      Idendify organizational risks and measures to avoid, reduce and monitor them.

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